Become a Friend
Woolston Millennium Garden is the responsibility of a local charitable organisation, Woolston Community Association, charity registration number 302000.

Volunteers provide the labour to clean and maintain the garden, but we have to pay for general materials, new plants, specialist repairs, water charges, anti graffiti products and the like.

The garden needs continuing, regular income if we are to keep it looking as great as it does now, for future generations.

We therefore run a scheme called “FRIENDS OF THE MILLENNIUM GARDEN”. To become a friend, you donate just £5 a year per person, or £10 a year for the whole family or household, by standing order (or you can make a one-off donation per year). To find out more please telephone O23 8O42 1788, or just download and print the Friends Form below.
You can also send us a message on the "About Us & Contact" page

You will always be welcome to attend any of our meetings or social events, or join in any of the maintenance days (click on the "Meetings" page of this website for dates).